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News Flash

While most of our visitors are very welcome we have been receiving some visits of a less welcome nature. Members are encouraged to take pictures of any unrecognised visitors and their vehicles outside of Public Running days. These photographs will be passed onto the Police in the event of any materials or equipment being stolen.



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The Cambridge Model Engineering Society welcomes you. The Society enjoys a quiet and peaceful location bordering fields on the south western edge of the city. The M11 is nearby (but not too close!) giving easy access from all directions.

We run ground level steam, electric (and occasionally gas turbine) trains on 7¼in, 5in and 3½in tracks. We hope to have even smaller steam on a new 32mm garden railway in the not too distant future (no longer a rather large, muddy patch, the ground work is complete and the area paved).

Public running days are every second Sunday from April to October inclusive, from 1:30pm (gates open at 12.30pm) to 5:30pm. Add refreshments from the club house or bring a picnic and you have a great family afternoon out. See you there!

Existing members of the Society are encouraged to register where upon they will have access to the library of (recent) old newsletters. Members who wish to bring their loco down on a non-public day are welcome to do so anytime. Bank holidays and members-only events are guaranteed non-working days where running will not be affected.


Next Public Running  

9.8.2015 - 13:30 o'clock

Time remaining

Weather Forecast


A Track Plan

We have added a diagram that shows the track that we have. We have not yet added the name signs but hope to do so soon.

You can find the diagram here.

Why Have You Stopped?

Our trains (and drivers) have to obey the signals on our track. Our signalling system, which is nearing the end of a comprehensive upgrade, is modelled on that used by the full-size railway.

Red means stop, yellow is a warning that the next signal is red and green means clear until the next signal. A driver can pass a yellow signal but will begin to slow down.

What Powers Your Engine?

The engines (or locomotives) that we run are either:-

- coal fired

- petrol engine

- electrically powered from large batteries


In order to access the Society's newsletters you need to be registered and logged in.

Members' Forum

Following the request at the recent AGM, a 'forum' is now available on this website. In order to have access to it you have to be a registered user. In order to be a registered user you have to be a member of the Society. For membership details click here.

© Cambridge Model Engineering Society
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